It is funny how you meet all sorts of different characters when you work for an escorts service. I used to think that I met some really odd characters when I lived in London, but I don’t think that anything, or anybody, can top the characters that I have met working for Essex escorts. I even have this one crazy guy who brings his chicken along to dates. It sits there in a cat carrier and looks at me when we are dating. It is rather unnerving at times but I think that I have kind of become used to it by now.

I also date another guy here at Essex escorts who is rather eccentric. He is rather well off and lives in this old manor house just outside town. Frederic has a passion for literature and whenever I visit him, he wants me to read for him. The date always starts off in the same sort of way. He sits in front of the fire when I come in, and he has a large pile of books around him. After a quick drink, he always picks one of the books and asks me to read from it. I know that it is really weird, but it rather makes me laugh.

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That I date this other guy here at Essex escorts who is really mad about cooking. It is another outcall and I go around to his house. He has a really good job and cooking and preparing different food is his way of chilling out. I always end up cooking with him and then we site down to share a meal. The date can take several hours, but all he is interested in is cooking with me. It is kind of weird but I suppose it turns him on.

Some of my dates here at Essex escorts are just into regular one to one dating. They come around after they have had a long day at work and they are always ready to have some fun. That is kind of nice and reminds me of a lot of the dating that I used to do in London. In many ways they are the easiest dates and I don’t feel like I have to entertain them all of the time. That being said, my other dates are refreshing and always exciting. It is nice with a bit of change and that you have a bit of diversity.

I love working here at Essex escorts. London was okay but it was getting to be too manic. Yes, I did appreciate that I had a pretty good lifestyle in London, but in many ways I think that my lifestyle here in Essex is better. Life is a little bit less rushed and I can afford to do so many more things. When I have a day off from Essex escorts, I often go shopping in London. It is nice to be back in the hustle and bustle, but at the same time it is really nice to come back to Essex again. Living here has made a real difference in my life and I have certainly met a lot of interesting people. Essex is not only about Essex girls like so many people seem to think!

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