Strange Addictions

It is funny how you meet all sorts of different characters when you work for an escorts service. I used to think that I met some really odd characters when I lived in London, but I don’t think that anything, or anybody, can top the characters that I have met working for Essex escorts. I even have this one crazy guy who brings his chicken along to dates. It sits there in a cat carrier and looks at me when we are dating. It is rather unnerving at times but I think that I have kind of become used to it by now.

I also date another guy here at Essex escorts who is rather eccentric. He is rather well off and lives in this old manor house just outside town. Frederic has a passion for literature and whenever I visit him, he wants me to read for him. The date always starts off in the same sort of way. He sits in front of the fire when I come in, and he has a large pile of books around him. After a quick drink, he always picks one of the books and asks me to read from it. I know that it is really weird, but it rather makes me laugh.

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That I date this other guy here at Essex escorts who is really mad about cooking. It is another outcall and I go around to his house. He has a really good job and cooking and preparing different food is his way of chilling out. I always end up cooking with him and then we site down to share a meal. The date can take several hours, but all he is interested in is cooking with me. It is kind of weird but I suppose it turns him on.

Some of my dates here at Essex escorts are just into regular one to one dating. They come around after they have had a long day at work and they are always ready to have some fun. That is kind of nice and reminds me of a lot of the dating that I used to do in London. In many ways they are the easiest dates and I don’t feel like I have to entertain them all of the time. That being said, my other dates are refreshing and always exciting. It is nice with a bit of change and that you have a bit of diversity.

I love working here at Essex escorts. London was okay but it was getting to be too manic. Yes, I did appreciate that I had a pretty good lifestyle in London, but in many ways I think that my lifestyle here in Essex is better. Life is a little bit less rushed and I can afford to do so many more things. When I have a day off from Essex escorts, I often go shopping in London. It is nice to be back in the hustle and bustle, but at the same time it is really nice to come back to Essex again. Living here has made a real difference in my life and I have certainly met a lot of interesting people. Essex is not only about Essex girls like so many people seem to think!…

How Female escorts Read Men

Reading Body Language

Are Female escorts psychic? I date a lot of London escorts and sometimes I wonder if the hot babes are psychic. After all, they seem be escorts and finding out what I am hankering for. Sometimes, it is like a girl only needs to look at me and she knows what I am after. It is amazing, and is the main reason I date London escorts. Unlike other ladies, they seem to know exactly what I want and what I want to do with my precious hour spent with the hot babes of London.

Is this a bit of London escorts magic? To be honest, I am not so sure. The jury is kind of out on the fact that London escorts are psychic, but I certainly feel that a lot of Female escorts do have a good sense of intuition. It is probably because they are female and i think that most ladies do have a very good sense of intuition. Most of the ladies that I date on a regular basis do know me very well, and I suppose that helps as well.

Personally, I have always been very interested in experiences such as deja vu, and psychic phenomena. I don’t know where it all comes from but it would be interesting to know. One girl that I date at Female escorts is a Piscean. They say that someone of these star sign are more in touch with the psychic realm than other. Well, Lucy is certainly in touch with the psychic realm, and I believe that she can sense exactly what I need on a date. Not all girls can do that, but lucy can.

Have I lived a previous life? That is another question that I often ask myself. Sometimes when I walk around London on my way to visit one of my favourite Female escorts, I notice that I get a sense of having been there before. I know that it is called deja vu but to me it is so much more than that, it feels like I actually know what is going to happen, and that goes for beyond deja vu. Chatting to one of my favorite girls at London escorts, it is known as premonition and is another one of those senses that we choose to ignore.

I probably sound like a real weird gent to you, but I am not. I have come across a lot of odd things in my life, and I have even spoken to a ghost at a castle in Cornwall. It was a little girl who was running around looking for her cat. It was strange but did not worry me at all. With the help of the current owner of the castle, I was able to find this girl’s cat and we buried the cat.

Ever since then, no one has seen the little girl again. Clearly she is now together with her cat.…

The top qualities of modern barnet escorts

Most of the modern barnet escorts of often have qualities that makes them among the best whom you can hire when seeking the escort services. However, with information on the qualities, you will definitely know the level of escort services that barnet escorts will provide should be an amazing experience for you during your stay in the city. The following are the features of barnet escorts:

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Most of the barnet escorts are always not afraid to be laughed at since they can always be able to pull off during the time of the worst of jokes. In addition, others can effortlessly brighten any given room with these sound of laughter thus helping them make a choice during the time as you do enjoy yourself whenever you wish to have them. During your time, the barnet escorts have always been among those whom you will when seeking these escort services. You will definitely appreciate them since this will demonstrate on these escort services.

Majority of the barnet escorts are self-aware at the same time can recognizes personal flaws. The barnet escorts will always continually strives whenever they need to better themselves easily. You will have them since this will enable you appreciate these escort services well during your stay in this great city. Be aware that the barnet escorts are always comfortable in their own personal skin tones; the barnet escorts will never let anybody take away their happiness.

Because the barnet escorts also knows it is okay for them to have these insecurities but it is never going to be okay to give the insecurities the power that may ends up eating them away. The guests have been having them since they understand that the barnet escorts are among the highly hearted when seeking the escorts whom you will need them during the given stay in the great city. You will understand barnet escorts since they will often ensure that all people have these escort services well.

Be the barnet escorts often have friends can call whenever they do have problems in the morning, you will wish to have them since you will know somebody has your back when seeking their escorts. The will work depending on the kinds of escorts whom you will need thus making you appreciate them during your stay in the lovely place. The barnet escorts will always walk all the things they like to make sure that you do seek them thus making it among those alternatives that will make you appreciate their work as barnet escorts in the modern city.

You will realize that the barnet escorts are often willing to take more risks when offering these escort services. Be the barnet escorts have the ability to experiment by even try new things without thinking about losing sight of their values. The barnet escorts have been among the ones whom will work for yourself since they have these escorts whom you will have in this great city. When you hire barnet escorts, they have all that it takes when seeking their escort services.


I love men!

I love men, and I just cannot get enough of them. Working for London escorts is probably the perfect job for me, I just have this passion about dating men and having fun for a living. Not only do I date men at London escorts, but I love to fill my private life with men as well. First of all, I have a boyfriend here in London, and then I also have a boyfriend back home in Warsaw. It may seem a little bit extreme but I do like living on the edge. Needless to say, neither of these two chaps know about each other.

For some reason, I have always had a passion for men, and I have enjoyed being around men.

When I was a little girl, I used to like to sit by men’s feet and listen to what they had to say. I found the conversation of men to be much more interesting than the things that women talked about. Today, I still feel the same way, I love to hear what the gents that I date at escorts in London have to say, it is just so interesting. Fortunately for me, lots of the gents that I date at London escorts, are businessmen who travel a lot.

When I come home from London escorts, I give my boyfriend in Poland a call. We have a nice long chat about the things here in London. He does not know that I work for London escorts. If he did, I think that he would go nuts as he is a rather jealous kind of guy. Thank God for cheap flights as it means that I can fly home to see him. Of course, I have not told my London boyfriend about him, and I have sworn all of my girlfriends at London escorts to secrecy.

My biggest worry is that my boyfriend in Poland is going to find out about my London boyfriend. So many of the girls who work for London escorts are Polish, and they are always traveling backwards and forwards. But I have to admit, I think that I am only one of many London escorts who keep a boyfriend in both places. As long as they don’t know about each other, it should be okay, and hopefully that should last. If they were to find out, there would be trouble in a big way I think.

My boyfriend in London is totally different. First of all, he is a bit of a London gangster but he treats me with massive respect. When you work for London escorts, you get to meet all sorts of guys, and Nick is my bad boy in London. Sometimes, it is nice to have a little bit of protection on your side, and it would be fair to say that Nick is my protector. He looks after me in more ways than one, and does not mind one bit that I work for London escorts. That is great, because there is no need to pretend that we are both perfect in between us.…

Basic Tips On How To Give An Amazing Hand Job

sexy-asian-dominatrix-goddessA hand job is not just supposed to relieve sexual drive. It should give pleasure beyond pleasure. A good hand job should take your guy into the world of fantasy as he enjoys every bit of it until he comes over the edge. This will make your guy stick to you forever. You will simply be inseparable because he will not want to miss the wonderful pleasure he gets from your exceptional service. In order to perfect your skills, we provide you with tips and secrets that will enable you administer a mind blowing hand job that will render your partner breathless.

Apply a good lubricant or massage oil to your hands. This is the one of the most important things when you are administering hand job. Your hands should be slippery so that that you will be able to run over his genitals with much ease without friction. This also gives your guy good comfort hence putting him in the right mood for a hand job.

Grab his genitals softly and entirely. You need to begin by holding his genitals; both the penis and testes softly. This will stimulate his sexual feelings as the hormone begins to run in his blood thus leading to a hard erection. Be careful in the way you hold his testes because if you do it hard he will feel pain and the erection will subside. Touch the entire genitals to arouse sexual feelings in all the sensitive parts of your partner as you prepare him for the next process.

Hold his dick by the fore-side while paying much focus to the underside. This is the region with many blood veins that supply blood to the penis for maximum and steady erection. It also contains nerves which help to send signals to the brain. Begin to rub it slowly and gently as he begins to enjoy the pleasure. Apply more fluid to keep your hands and his genitals slippery as you increase the speed of massaging his dick.

Apply different strokes. Monotony creates boredom. In order for your guy to continue enjoying the hand job, begin to adjust your styles by giving him masterful strokes in different directions e.g. back, front and sideways. Massage his dick as you rotate it in different angles. Continue doing it as you hold his teats because they are very sensitive too. This will increase the pleasure thus making him come over the edge under intoxicating sexual pleasure.

In conclusion the above tips and secrets will guarantee your partner maximum satisfaction while administering a mind blowing hand job; just apply them and you will see the magic! If you want more satisfaction, visit at…