One of the girls that I have worked with here at London escorts for the last two years used an online dating site. She is really desperate to find love and she thought that online dating might help her. I kept telling her that I did not think it was safe. Nobody checks the people who post profiles on online dating sites and I think that is dangerous. At least here at London escorts, all of our gents are vetted and checked.

My friend did not take my advice and ended up having a really unpleasant experience on one of the sites that she joined. She was stalked by this guy she met in a bar after that I had been emailing each other for a while. He seemed really normal over email, but once they met, she got a feeling that he was not really safe company. She told us all on a girls night out with London escorts. To me, and the rest of the girls here at London escorts, he sounded like a real creep and not the kind of guy you wanted to hang around with on a date.

But, my friend here at London escorts is not the only girl who has had a problem. One of the other girls from a rival excellent London escorts service tried online dating as well. She ended up with a guy who basically borrowed her entire profile and posted it on other sites. It took her a little while to figure out what had happened, and it wasn’t until a TV program ran a special about online dating, she finally figured it out. She was getting emails from all sorts of sites and could not understand how they had got her details. Simply, they had been stolen.

One of the things that are really scary about online dating is that a lot of sites try to get you to hang on as you are about to leave. They have people in the office who make out to be dates and contact you. Of course, once you have paid your money again, they go away and you may never hear from them again until it is time to charge your credit card. A couple of girls at our London escorts have had that experience as well.

Would I try an online dating service? Not on your nilly as they say. The experiences of my colleagues here at London escorts have really put me off, and I am only too glad to tell others about it. If you want to connect with a guy, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Not all of them are good but some of them work well. Next week I am going to take a look at speed dating. Not that I am planning to use the service. I am just curious how it works and would like to know a little bit more about speed dating. It would be nice to know if speed dating is safe.

Is online dating safe?
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