Student Arrested For Uploading Pictures, Phone Numbers Of Female Classmates To Escort Sites –
Student Arrested For Uploading Pictures, Phone Numbers Of Female Classmates To Escort Sites
A graduate student was arrested for uploading the photos and mobile numbers of fellow female students to an escort site. Jayant Kumar, a final-year student of Environmental Science at the Mysore University, claimed he was being hounded by three girls

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Truck driver jailed after fatal 9-car crash on US-23 – Fox 2 Detroit

Fox 2 Detroit
Truck driver jailed after fatal 9-car crash on US-23
Fox 2 Detroit
The 51-year-old male driver of the Escort was pronounced deceased at the scene. A 25-year-old female passenger in the Escort was transported to the University of Michigan Hospital with critical injuries after being extricated by the fire department.
Two dead in semi, multi-vehicle pileup on U.S. 23Livingston Daily

Truck Driver Jailed After Crash Kills Two & Critically Injures AnotherWHMI

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