What is going to happen to London?

I grew up in London and I have been working for London escorts of https://cityofeve.com for about two years now. During my life time, I have seen London change so much. It has become a place for the mega wealthy, and I am not sure that it is doing us all any good. Many genuine Londoners have moved out of London as they cannot afford to live here anymore. That has lead to a care crisis as families are not any longer looking after the older members in their families.

Will London turn into a city state? There is a lot of talk that London will turn into a city state with an economy of its own. It seems to me that is exactly what is happening. So many people are leaving their homes because they cannot afford the taxes associated with them anymore. Their homes are being bought up by developers or rich foreigners. Are we only going to be catering to rich foreigners in London? I very much think that is what is going to happen.

When I have dates at London escorts, I have noticed that many of the gents that I date are foreign. The vast majority of them come from places like Russia and maybe even China. They have a totally different attitude towards to London escorts than the local lads, and I am not sure that I like it. Mind you a lot of the local guys cannot afford date escorts in some parts of London anymore. I hate to say it, but I don’t think that is fair at all.

Even shopping is out of control in London. They say that grocery prices are the same all over the country, but that is not true at all. It is much more expensive to buy food in London, and I am looking out for deals all of the time. Many of the girls at London escorts who are kind of new, find it hard to pay buy food. I keep on wondering if that is why so many of them are thing. I am sure that it is has something to do with it.

Soon, I am sure that we are only going to see two kinds of people in London. People who are super rich and the people who serve them. We got rid off the old slums in London in the 1960’s but I keep on wondering if they are not coming back. Most of my colleagues at London escorts share a flat with another girl, or a couple of girls. The simple truth is that they cannot afford to live here in London anymore. I am lucky to have my own place, but that is only thanks to my family who left me the home. Young people living in London now, are really going to struggle. I am sure that many of them are going to end up moving away, and may not even return. We are probably losing a lot of very talented people here in London.…