Heey! Glad you could visit. My name is Lamin Barrow and welcome to my studio.
I am a designer & developer on the next generation web.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile App Developers

Mobile App Development Company located in Australia providing Custom Mobile Apps Development services in iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian.


Plastic Fork

Plastic Fork

Plastic Fork is a free iPhone Application that makes ordering take away and home delivered food easy and convenient. It was a team project and i was responsible for the developing the design

ASP.net jQuery UX HTML & CSS


From the clipboard to the Creative Suite and the latest emerging technology standards in CSS3 & HTML5. Its a web revolution brewing and thats the way of the future :)


Do you have an awesome idea for a brand new web or mobile project? or perhaps you are looking for an extra hand on that app your team is working.


PHP ASP.net Ruby on Rails Silverstripe CMS Javascript jQuery Wordpress E-Commerce UX PSD 2 HTML SEO +Others

From the Blog

  • Am Selling SportsGambia.com 

    I own, host the domian and website SportsGambia.com (http://sportsgambia.com) and i am putting all of it (Domain, website files and database) up for sale at D60,000 ($2,000). Contact me throught my contact form if you are interested in becoming its new owner.

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  • I Have Been Denied a US F1 Student Visa For The Second Time. 
    Lasted Edited: February 10, 2012

    So today I went to the US embassy for the second time for a Student F1 visa application interview and I have been refused a visa for entry into the United States. Last time I was denied it was laid on the bases that I did not provide any compelling evidence at the time of my interview to compel me to return home after completing my studies.  I understood and they were completely right for doing so but this time around all the evidence was there, I was so convinced that finally I will be granted a Student visa to pursue a computer science education in the United States but once again the sweet talking consular woman said I am sorry to inform you that the law has not change and that I still find you to be ineligible for a US visa... What? Coming think of it, I think what it comes down to is that she doesn't like me for some reason. I mean what I have done to deserve that. Last time she only interviewed me for barely a minute and this time around I can swear it was less than 30 seconds.

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  • Essential web browser tools for the pro web developer 

    From the beginning of my web development career after high school in the summer of 2006. I have frequently used certain web browser tools or add-ons if you like to aid me in my every day web development. Through the course of time I have learn to use these tools to become a better web developer. In this post, I will make a list of all the web browser tools or add-ons I find most useful to the professional web developer.

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  • It has been a while 

    I know it has been more than a month since i last blogged about anything. It's a very hard responsibility to keep a blog going and most of you know that. Over the past month several events have happened in my life for example i now do website related consulting work and client support from home for the company i use to work for Rhythm Ltd and Geographical Media because they are in the process of relocating their office outside of the Gambia.

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  • How to build a live comment preview with Javascript and HTML 

    In recent times, it has become quite a trendy and nifty trick to show a live comment preview on a lot of blog websites. I remember just how excited i was the first time i saw this in action on a dotnet blogengine application. In this article i will show you how to implement a live comment preview on your website with just simple javascript and HTML.

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  • Free HTML Encoder 

    More and more i feel the need to encode script and HTML tags or elements into to encoded strings so that i could input them along with my blog post without actually rendering the HTML or Javascript. Accomplishing a task like this will be hard and will be prone to many errors if i was to do it by hand. i knew i needed a little application to do this task for me. So therefore this morning i decided to write Free HTML Encoder.

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